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Our Community Life
Trinitarian community life imitates the example of the early Church, in which "the community of believers were of one heart and one mind" (Acts 4:32), and consists in the oneness and sameness of consecration, spirit, love, prayer and activity.

Out of the many members led by the spirit of the Father, common life forges one family gathered in the name of the Lord. This family enjoys the presence of the Lord, gives evidence of this experience, and enhances the effectiveness of the apostolic activity to which the individual members commit themselves.

TrinitarianTrinitarians priests and brothers live in community. One member of the community is chosen as Minister. He is the animator of the spiritual and apostolic life of the community. Each house has a chapel in which the Eucharist is celebrated and reserved and which is, thus, the very center of the community. The common life is achieved by the observance of the Order's Rule and Constitutions whereby the members take part in community activities and share the same rights and responsibilities.

Trinitarian playing church organ.The members of the community engage in ministry which is in keeping with the charism of the Order. The prayer life of the community includes the common recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours, celebration of the Eucharist, devotional prayers proper to the Order, spiritual reading and meditation. Acts of penance restore and strengthen the individual brothers in their relationships with God and others. Fraternal discussions take place during Community Chapters, meals, and Days of Recollection.