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Trinitarian Devotions
Christ the RedeemerThe Holy Redeemer

The image of Jesus of Nazareth (the Holy Redeemer) ransomed by the Trinitarians reminds us of the work of redemption carried out by the Order throughout the centuries.

In every redemption, Christians, living images of God were ransomed. On more than one occasion there were also redemptions of sacred images of the Lord, the Virgin, and the saints. In 1682 the Spanish Trinitarians ransomed and brought back from Morocco a statue of the Holy Redeemer together with 211 Christian captives.

Just as on several occasions when captives who were rescued paid back the price of their ransom to the redeemers (if their means permitted it), in the redemption of the Image of Jesus, the Divine Redeemer, he willed to repay the price of his ransoming a hundred fold. The statue may be seen today in Madrid, Spain.

The feast of the Holy Redeemer is celebrated on October 23.

Our Lady of Good Remedy
Principal Patroness of the Trinitarian Order

The Trinitarians have honored the Virgin Mary since she is the Daughter of the Father, the Mother of the Son, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and the Sacred Vessel of the Holy Trinity.

According to very ancient documents the feast of the Virgin was celebrated solemnly by Trinitarians. Every week since the year 1262, by a special indult, the Trinitarian communities prayed the office of the Virgin. Our Lady of Good RemedyThe Trinitarians were moved to show this special devotion to the Virgin because of her relationship with the three persons of the Trinity, because of the great love with which the vision collaborated in the redemption of the world and because often, when carrying redemptions of captives, they experienced special help from the Virgin of Remedy.

All of this contributed to the fact that the Trinitarians became known for their veneration of the Virgin under the title of "Remedy" or "Good Remedy" and that confraternities, altars and images were set up in her honor. By singular graces, the Virgin manifested how pleased she was by this invocation.

The Solemnity of Our Lady of Good Remedy is celebrated on October 8.